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Alarm Master v0.9 Beta

Summary: Alarm Master is a useful and easy to use utility that helps to manage personal alarms on your smartphone. With Alarm Master you will never miss any important thing! Alarm Master Features: * ...

WM5 Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-04-06
Found under: alarm, clock, utilities, time management, personal,

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Smartphone Alarm Master v0.9 Beta freeware
Alarm Master v0.9 Beta Description

Alarm Master is a useful and easy to use utility that helps to manage personal alarms on your smartphone. With Alarm Master you will never miss any important thing!

Alarm Master Features:

* Unlimited number of alarms. Create and use as many alarms as you need. Multiple alarms could be set on the same time!
* Flexible time settings. Once- and recurring alarms can be scheduled on defined days of the week or date or nearest 24 hours.
* Simple and convenient user interface. The program is easy to understand and easy to use. You can view, change, delete and create alarms with just a one click!
* Special layout for Alarm-Clock. Different layouts for standard alarm note and alarm-clock are provided. One-click snooze operation and no necessity to enter alarm text are convenient for your daily alarm-clock.
* Alarm playback configuration. You can limit the alarm playback time. If playback time is exceeded alert goes to Snooze-mode automatically. The default Snooze time could be set as well.
* Flexible Alarm Sound configuration. The Sound, Sound Type and Volume could be configured as you like.
* Plays all system-recognized file types, including MP3, WAV, MID. Just put the file either on device or on the storage card into the folders 'My documents' or 'Application Data\Sounds'. You can use the root folder on storage card also. After the file is put you can select it from the list in Options dialog and use it as an alarm sound!
* Ability to activate/deactivate alarms. There is no need to delete and create them again!
* ...and many other features!

the Alarm Master v0.9 Beta free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Made by: Connective Tools

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Alarm Master v0.9 Beta Comments and Reviews

Mon 21 May

Jason wrote...

Not free at all, an expiring beta?? WHY LIE connectivetools?, no way I would buy from Liers, or pay for a beta....

9:30 am
Mon 21 May

Dansara wrote...

Oh my NOT download this. I will expire, then you will not be able to get it off your phone. Totally viral. Company in russia. Heed my warning.

5:13 pm
Fri 20 Jul

Robert Mumby wrote...

want to try

4:53 am
Thu 18 Oct

iioannis wrote...


2:39 pm
Fri 14 Dec

T wilson wrote...


7:53 am
Tue 29 Jan

prakashrao wrote...

let metry and see

11:08 pm
Fri 1 Feb

george wrote...


10:52 am
Wed 21 May

DJyosnow wrote...

Yeah this is a trial not sure what's up with that. Don't understand how to get my Moto Q9c to register my tones for an alarm or txt mssg either? I really just think window smart phones are nothing special at all?

5:33 pm
Wed 18 Jun

micco wrote...


4:16 pm
Tue 12 Aug

ardian wrote...

i love it

11:06 am
Tue 9 Dec

mark wrote...


2:27 am
Mon 15 Dec

Tony Gainey wrote...

If my tmobile shadow is in sleep mode when the alarm goes off, when I open it up it does not give me the option to dismiss or snooze... Trail version works....

11:59 pm
Tue 17 Mar

Its a Scam wrote...

Someone from the company obviously is trying to move the true comments off the comment page for this garbage. It expires soon after installation and becomes viral. In other words, it's a virus trying to get your credit & personal information. Sad that these websites don't get pulled down. Do NOT download this trash!!!

6:18 pm



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