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Barcode Serial Reader

Summary: Barcode Serial Reader for PocketPC/Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2009-08-07
Found under: tools, scan, barcode, serial, reader,

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Smartphone Barcode Serial Reader freeware
Barcode Serial Reader Description

Barcode Serial Reader for PocketPC/Windows Mobile

This project is written in Python for Windows Mobile and should run on any PocketPC/Smartphone. It connects to and reads data coming in on COM6: which is typically a Bluetooth COM port. It displays input to screen and logs to a file in My Documents. Prerequisites are PythonCE and PPyGUI which are included in the zip. Basic installation and application instructions also included.

the Barcode Serial Reader free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Download Barcode Serial Reader direct on your windows mobile smartphone

Made by: pixplace

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Barcode Serial Reader Comments and Reviews

Mon 10 Aug

Ej123 wrote...

how is this supposed to read barcodes a fake app still cant figure it out instaleld k no problems but dont no how to work it instructions doesn't tellu how its supposed to read barcodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:21 pm
Tue 11 Aug

jw123 wrote...

I would imagine you would have to connect some sort of scanning device ie handheld wand or something in order to use this software.

2:27 am
Wed 12 Aug

agusedi wrote...

to try using it

6:57 am
Thu 13 Aug

Human wrote...

From the instructions here it is pretty clear what you need to do, EJ123. If you cannot figure out what to do, then this software isn't for you and nor are smartphones. Go back to Nokia or something. Hint: "It connects to and reads data coming in on COM6: which is typically a Bluetooth COM port" Read this a 100 times and hopefully you will get it. Thank you.

10:28 am
Sat 15 Aug

ej123 wrote...

human calm it for god sake smartphones r for me wat it doesn't say that u need some kind of scanning device for the software to wrrk that is all i asked

3:52 am
Sun 16 Aug

Human wrote...

Oh please...It clearly says it uses COM6 which is the bluetooth COM port so a little bit of thinking, before you called it a fake app, would have made you realise that you need some sort of bluetooth barcode reader.

5:55 am
Sun 16 Aug

ej123 wrote...

hey im just 14 how am i honestly suposed to understand iti no i was kidding in by caling it a fake app because i had to reflash my rom after i uninstaled it my htc stoped working

4:01 pm
Wed 2 Sep

anon wrote...

ej123: man, you FAIL really-really hard!

12:05 pm
Mon 9 Nov

shub wrote...

the software is for free. give the bluetooth scanner also for free. Useless piece

11:02 pm
Wed 18 Nov

Constantine wrote...

Weak post string...

10:34 am
Thu 14 Jan

faisal wrote...

nice software thanks

4:42 am
Wed 17 Mar

Chris wrote...

Works great, thanks a lot! This is very useful.

9:19 pm
Thu 6 May

Human wrote...

EJ123 f uck your mobile. then it will work

12:56 pm
Tue 9 Nov

anuj wrote...

useful application

8:30 am
Tue 9 Nov

anuj wrote...

useful application

8:33 am
Thu 11 Nov

kevs wrote...

downloaded but could not open it so deleted it.

9:50 am
Wed 29 Aug

Debere wrote...

Trent are you using image stabilization driung the recording? It may be only my imagination but it seems that this particular feature is making the video a little bit blurred. I own N95 and E90 and on both phones when I use that feature the movie gets blurred on the other hand if I don't use it I'll get jumpy movie it's so annoying

10:08 pm



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