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BT BlueTooth Chess

Summary: This program should work (theoretically) on any WM devices, Smartphone or PPC, with OS 2003/2003SE/WM5, as long as the device has MS Bluetooth Stack. Tested on Voyager, XPhone2, C500, C550, Tornado, S...

SP 2003/2003SE/WM5 (176x220 and QVGA)
PPC2003/2003SE/WM5 (QVGA/VGA)
MS BT Stack

Arrived: 2006-06-10
Found under: chess, games,

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Smartphone BT BlueTooth Chess freeware
BT BlueTooth Chess Description

This program should work (theoretically) on any WM devices, Smartphone or PPC, with OS 2003/2003SE/WM5, as long as the device has MS Bluetooth Stack. Tested on Voyager, XPhone2, C500, C550, Tornado, SP5, XDAIIs (thanks to those who have spent time in testing this one.) It also works in landscape mode on PPCs.

The program automatically determines if your device is using MS Bluetooth Stack. If it doesn't, it will prompt you at start-up. This doesn't have an AI. The main purpose anyways is for you to play with another WM device user. By the way, for those who want to try this and doesn't have anyone (WM device user) to play with, you could try playing between your WM device and your desktop/laptop. Your Bluetooth device on your desktop/laptop should have MS Bluetooth Stack said the developers.

But if it doesn't, just follow the procedure below:

* Disconnect your Bluetooth device from your desktop/laptop.
* Uninstall the software that came with your BT device by going to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>And choose your * Installed BT Software. Or alternatively, Go to Control Panel>Bluetooth Devices>Click Hardware Tab>Click Properties>Click Driver>Click Uninstall button.
* Re-connect your BT device on your desktop/laptop. WindowsXP should recognize the device and you should let Windows install
* the Bluetooth stack by itself (don't install the software that came with your BT device.)
* Download the zip file again.
* Unzip on your desktop/laptop.
* Run BTChess.exe and see if the program recognizes your BT Device. Your desktop/laptop should have the .Net Framework installed. You can download the latest version of .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable in case you need it. * If it does, then your BT device has MS BT stack installed.
* Try playing. :-)

the BT BlueTooth Chess free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Download BT BlueTooth Chess direct on your windows mobile smartphone

Made by: Lawrence Patricio

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BT BlueTooth Chess Comments and Reviews

Thu 31 May

Amer Shahzad wrote...

will try first.

4:31 am
Sun 1 Jul

Paul Bennett wrote...


4:26 am
Sat 21 Jul

Jamin wrote...

cool !

3:47 am
Sun 17 Feb

robert wrote...


11:18 am
Sun 23 Mar

chyshry wrote...

my device is O2Xphone

3:20 am
Fri 28 Mar

adam wrote...

anyone know if this will work for the pantech duo?

7:57 am
Tue 26 Aug

imran wrote...


4:31 am
Thu 9 Oct

clint wrote...

a good game to download

2:06 pm
Thu 9 Oct

clint wrote...

a good game to download

2:07 pm
Fri 8 Jan

sdews wrote...


1:40 pm
Mon 29 Aug

Frank Bartholomew wrote...


5:05 am
Tue 27 Mar

Jesus wrote...

if your cmoputer is a pc plug your phone into your cmoputer with a universal serial bus (USB) cord and go to windows explorer or my cmoputer and access the phones memory from there. if ti is a mac access the phones memory from there (i don't know how) and copy it to your cmoputer or put your micro sd card if you have one in a reader and put it in your cmoputer

8:39 pm



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