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Summary: ClockOnTop which allows you to add a digital clock to the top bar (known as the taskbar) of Windows Mobile. It adds a feature that should have been there by default. if you want the 12-hour format, y...

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-06-14
Found under: clock,

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Smartphone ClockOnTop freeware
ClockOnTop Description

ClockOnTop which allows you to add a digital clock to the top bar (known as the taskbar) of Windows Mobile. It adds a feature that should have been there by default.

if you want the 12-hour format, you will need to replace the ClockOnTop.lnk in the Windows > Startup folder with the one in the ClockOnTop ZIP file. Make sure the ClockOnTop.lnk file is in that folder before placing the replacement lnk file in there.

the ClockOnTop free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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ClockOnTop Comments and Reviews

Thu 14 Jun

Andre wrote...

Great utility! Does as advertised and works great. Just wish I could control the font. Thanks

5:38 am
Thu 14 Jun

timothy wrote...

clock on top

8:41 am
Tue 19 Jun

David Gray wrote...

What a sweet little find. Thanx. But WHY do these little apps always make me feel like a complete Dolt? This sounds like doubletalk to me and I cannot decipher what link file gets replaced with what zip file to get the 12 hour setting. I only see one link file in the download and none in the exe file. I just don't get it.

1:51 pm
Wed 20 Jun

Gaute Holmin wrote...

Great stuff. Works like a charm on WM6 also :-)

6:35 am
Wed 20 Jun

Steve wrote...

Yeah I don't get where to put the files, any help guys? Thanks..

6:55 am
Sun 24 Jun

bers wrote...

in the zip file is another shortcut file. you gotta take that file and overwrite the file in \windows\startup with it. my problem is that after ive done that, its in 12 hour mode, but theres a chinese character next to it. how do i get rid of it?

11:33 am
Sun 24 Jun

bqjones wrote...

can't get it to work. it will only appear on the taskbar when I run the program, but when I exit to the home screen it disappears. Suggestions?

11:54 pm
Thu 28 Jun

rednose wrote...

i really cant figure out if you need to download these things to your pc 1st or what? when i try and download it to my dash from here it always says "not visiable on this device" being the picture has it on the same phone as me I can tell it works,i am a complete neophyte in regards to these things but Im trying,if any1 has any help they would like to hand out that would be very great. thanks for your time.

7:31 pm
Tue 3 Jul

bers wrote...

bqjones: the program is not meant to be running when you are viewing your homescreen, presumably because you have a clock there anyway. it only shows up when you have navigated away from your homescreen. rednose: not sure what the problem is, exactly, but you need to extract the zip file and copy the .cab file to your device and run it from there. check out for some great tips and advice.

7:19 am
Tue 3 Jul

Pat Griffin wrote...

What's the point in installing this? I prefer to keep track of the time with my watch!

10:33 am
Tue 10 Jul

fotis wrote...

thanks a lot

6:57 am
Mon 30 Jul

WTF PAT wrote...

not everyone has or likes to use a watch bitch

7:14 am
Thu 20 Sep

D!P53T wrote...

thanks really cool app

11:18 pm
Tue 23 Oct

iakovos wrote...

very good

11:42 am
Sat 3 Nov

tarun wrote...

Amazing Application... looks good and works good too and yes works good with wm6.. can ne one help me find good security softwares for WM6?Thanx /brgds

5:12 pm
Thu 15 Nov

benji wrote...

What's with that little asian symbol that appears to the left of the clock :( real estate is pretty tight up in the taskbar...

1:57 am
Sun 23 Dec

mako wrote...

thank you

4:28 am
Sat 5 Jan

nico wrote...


2:48 pm
Mon 14 Jan

maqsood wrote...

ClockOnTop thanks

6:38 am
Tue 15 Jan

Islam wrote...

i think it's perfect.

5:20 pm
Tue 5 Feb

badbob001 wrote...

The asian characters says am or pm in chinese. Not sure if there is a way to change that.

1:58 pm
Sun 9 Mar

some guy wrote...

There's a fix for the Chinese characters. Visit and scroll down to "Update 2" and follow the instructions there. Works great on my Motorola Q9h!

12:05 pm
Wed 9 Apr

Brett wrote...

Any way to make it stay on the home screen too? and I cant find a /windows/startup folder with the ink file in it to replace. Im using wm6 so Im sure its somewhere else but I cant find it. Any ideas?

11:56 pm
Tue 22 Apr

Jeni wrote...

didn't work too great on my Q9c for Sprint, wish it would because everyone is giving such great reviews... :(

1:59 pm
Sat 27 Sep

BigMac wrote...

Works perfectly, even in WM 6.1. Thanks a lot!

9:44 am
Mon 20 Oct

typo wrote...

Can't seem to get it to work on my Moto Q9h :( Any website with installation instructions? Thanks a bunch.

10:29 am
Mon 19 Jan

Diaz wrote...

This is a great little clock. I agree this should have been a gimme with the phone. Great little program. So much better not having to exit a program just to see what time it is!

2:05 pm
Wed 17 Jun

Rene wrote...

How do i uninstall this from my Moto Q9c phone? Thanks

12:46 pm
Fri 3 Jul

Person wrote...

How did you get that image as the start menu background??? I want it

3:06 am
Wed 29 Jul

Paulla wrote...


2:27 am
Sun 18 Sep

hectorpernia wrote...

es excelente

2:05 pm
Tue 17 Jan

Sunshine wrote...

It's always a relief when someone with obvious expertise anrsews. Thanks!

5:30 am
Thu 19 Jan

Robinson wrote...

Cheers pal. I do aprpecitae the writing.

4:29 am



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