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CT Scheduler Lite v1.5

Summary: Auto-launch of different tasks on your smartphone is very useful feature. Unfortunately, standard Windows Mobile OS does not have such functionality.

Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphones
Windows Mobile 6 Standard

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Smartphone CT Scheduler Lite v1.5 freeware
CT Scheduler Lite v1.5 Description

NEW!  New time engine. CT Scheduler Lite doesn't require a module 'cttmengine.exe' to be always in the memory anymore.

CT Scheduler Lite adds a new functionality of automatic launching programs, documents, media and other files in accordance to your time plan. Tasks can be scheduled to launch based on definite time, dates, day of the month and days of the week. It is very convenient, because the workday schedule and weekend and holiday schedule can differ. The program has an ability to activate and deactivate scheduled items. There is no need to delete and create them again.

Below are some examples of CT Scheduler usage:

  1. Sound Alert. Select desired audio-file to run in 'Program / File' field and then set the necessary time parameters. You can also select any specific media-player in 'Program / File' field and desired audio-file in 'Parameters' field.

  2. Switching Profiles. Select '/Windows/autoprof.exe' in the 'Program / File' field. Then enter '-s ProfileName' in the 'Parameters' field. 'ProfileName' must be English system name of the desired profile, for example 'Meeting'(not 'Vibrate'!).

    NOTE: Be careful with parameters for 'autoprof.exe'! You may destroy phone profiles with incorrect parameters!

  3. Downloading web-page. Select '/Windows/iexplore.exe' in the 'Program / File' field. Then enter the desired URL in the 'Parameters' field.

the CT Scheduler Lite v1.5 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Made by: Connective Tools

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