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gCalc v1.0

Summary: gCalc v1.0 is a calculator application, a simple one, but is good for one-hand use. And, it works great on a Windows Mobile Smartphones! gCalc v1.0 Features: * Simple, one-hand usage for PPC...

Smartphone from 2003 to WM5

Arrived: 2007-02-22
Found under: Calculator, Utilities, skin,

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Smartphone gCalc v1.0 freeware
gCalc v1.0 Description

gCalc v1.0 is a calculator application, a simple one, but is good for one-hand use. And, it works great on a Windows Mobile Smartphones!

gCalc v1.0 Features:

* Simple, one-hand usage for PPC's with keypad/keyboard and Smartphones.
* Skinnable (see below).
* Works well with most popular screen types : 176x220, QVGA portrait, QVGA landscape, Square (240x240).

the gCalc v1.0 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download gCalc v1.0 direct on your windows mobile smartphone

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gCalc v1.0 Comments and Reviews

Sun 4 Mar

alireza wrote...


10:39 am
Sun 4 Mar

Justin wrote...

Very nice set up! The clear button works as a backspace key after you enter numbers. Once you get an answer, you need the C or CE buttons. Just press press shift. Then you get the standard calculator buttons such as C CE MR MC M+ M- etc.

5:28 pm
Tue 13 Mar

Tony H. wrote...

I cannot get this installed on my moto Q. when I place it in my Storage Card folder it is in a different form than the other files I've placed in there that as soon as I click on them they install.

2:39 pm
Tue 15 May

mikemtglo wrote...

nice looking however seemed to be quite "buggy" on my Q - had to remove.

2:39 pm
Thu 17 May

serg wrote...

Works great on my Blackjack. thumbs up! the calc that came w/ winmobile 5.0 is VERY buggy. This ones great.

1:21 pm
Mon 21 May

Samson Leung wrote...

nice looking calc

5:20 pm
Fri 1 Jun

James Gerber wrote...

Nice. The decimal point and +/- keys are "A" and "G" on my MotoQ...the screen is misleading. It does not put the keyboard in numeric mode (ALT) so I have to do this manually and often forget. Other than that, it's a great little app.

8:12 am
Sun 17 Jun

Benjamin wrote...

Can anyone tell me what folder I need to transfer this file into for the calculator to work? Thanks

8:30 am
Thu 21 Jun

paul oberman wrote...

I can't seem to figure out the the clear thing. I know that the clear button works before you make a calculation, but after, you have to shift to the second screen. What's weird is that the program doesn't default to the "number lock" so you have to hit the alt key. This kicks you out of the shifted screen. If they could fix this, it would be just what i need.

1:23 pm
Fri 29 Jun

Marian wrote...

hello, thanx for the calculator but it didn't work: I put it direct on my SGH I600, opened it and it told me : er is geen toepassing gekoppeld, first do that than open it again. Geen toepassing, sorry dont know the English word for it, hope somebody from Holland reads it and can help! kind regards, Marian

5:22 am
Fri 6 Jul

shid wrote...

i like this theme

1:15 pm
Sun 8 Jul

AJ Lococo wrote...

Still Checking

10:30 pm
Mon 9 Jul

Robert T wrote...

Great calculator - much easier and quicker than the MS calc! Thank you!

4:30 pm
Fri 10 Aug

Kevin wrote...

Why is this here

7:37 pm
Wed 12 Sep

fernando wrote...

i dont know this prog yet...

8:32 am
Fri 14 Sep

Moises Hernandez wrote...

I cannot figure how to install in my HTC smartphone, help please

5:26 pm
Tue 6 Nov

rohit wrote...


4:39 am
Wed 7 Nov

samsung-user wrote...

Installed it on Samsung only responds to the keypad when the full keyboard is open...hilarious lol. Fix the keypad problem and it'll be great.

4:25 pm
Sun 18 Nov

Ryan wrote...

it is a .rar file it doesnt open once dowloaded and transferred to my htc s621. how do you convert file?

2:40 pm
Fri 23 Nov

sandra wrote...

Just download, extract and copy the gCalc_v1.0_SP.CAB to your device then install true the File Explorer !

2:15 pm
Thu 10 Jan

slashdot wrote...

Works like a charm on my HTC p3300 (WM6) Thanx!!

8:36 am
Mon 21 Apr

Chris wrote...

I am having a usability problem with this calculator. Maybe someone who is using it successfully could clue me in. I installed it on my BlackJack and it worked great, but the keyboard consists of FOUR rows. How do I "press" any of the buttons on the bottom row??? Without that, I'm stuck. I can't even exit the calculator because the "exit" button is also on the bottom row (on the Shift screen). Help?

6:56 pm
Fri 17 Oct

dllukac wrote...

not working on my MIO p560

3:34 am



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