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» gStart Menu for Smartphone

• Summary: gStart is a Start Menu Replacement for Windows Mobile Smartphones. gStart Features: 1) Start Menu replacement for SP 2003 2) Enables you to view your Start Menu items as List or as Large Icons ...

Windows Mobile Smartphone

• Arrived: 2006-06-15
• Found under: utilities, start,

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Smartphone gStart Menu for Smartphone freeware
» gStart Menu for Smartphone Description

gStart is a Start Menu Replacement for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

gStart Features:

1) Start Menu replacement for SP 2003
2) Enables you to view your Start Menu items as List or as Large Icons
3) Customizable color scheme
4) Customizable background image. (choose image from any location - new)
5) Dynamically create, rename, move and delete folders on your Start Menu directory
6) Copy, rename, move and delete shorcut items
7) Compatible with customized shortcuts and folder icons
8)Re-order shortcut items and folders (compatible with Start Menu)
9) Option to use as default Start Menu
10. Now supports QVGA (240x320) devices like C550, C600, etc.

Screenshot of gStart on QGVA Smartphone (ex. C550):

gStart on QGVA Smartphone (ex. C550)

New in version 1.1

1. Support for QVGA devices such as C550
2. Support for international characters
3. Support for different languages
4. Added options on highlight style of the grid icon

Navigation Keys:

[1-9] Shortcut keys to programs on current window
[0] Toggle view (List/Large Icons)
[*] or [Back Key] Previous Page
[#] or [Left Softkey] Next Page


- Before uninstallation, make sure you have "unchecked" [Set as default Start...] from [Menu]--->[Options].
- After installing any language pack, quit and run gStart again to see changes.

Language Pack:
(Deutsch, English, Espaρol, Nederlands, Italiano)

the gStart Menu for Smartphone free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download gStart Menu for Smartphone direct on your windows mobile smartphone

Made by: Lawrence Patricio

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» gStart Menu for Smartphone Comments and Reviews

Thu 15 Jun

MajiT wrote...

Thanks for this great Start Menu replacement app. I dont know about WM 2003 Smartphone but in QVGA mode it really looks nice

11:10 pm
Tue 20 Jun

MaxenceD wrote...

Help... When I click on the "start" touch I've seen an error. My SPV is in French I can do nothing. Thx

10:49 am
Mon 17 Jul

zahid wrote...

plz can som1 help me download this file on to my spv c550. can som1 give me specific steps.

10:02 am
Tue 18 Jul

Bksnr wrote...

what exactly you need to know zahid?

3:45 am
Wed 19 Jul

zahid wrote...

i need to know how to download this application on my spv c550 and where to save it

7:08 am
Wed 19 Jul

Bksnr wrote...

just download it, copy it to your smartphone, do the thing marked as Important: in the description above and then run the .cab file and it will install

10:52 pm
Thu 20 Jul

zahid wrote...

i still don't know how to download it. wen i download the actuall gstart application, i get on winrar and then i copy all the files that r in there onto my phone. after this i don't know what to do, or is it that i am missing something.

10:45 am
Wed 27 Sep

Paul wrote...

How do i completly remove Gstart menu? I accidently installed it to the storage card and it doesnt even work now on my cingular 2125. I tried remove program, but that doesnt completly remove gstart, theres some hidden files somewhere. And when i do try to reinstall it, it doesnt ask me where i want to install it no more

10:18 pm
Thu 28 Sep

Bksnr wrote...

Probably some registry entries are still on your Smartphone

4:48 am
Thu 28 Sep

Paul wrote...

I did a coldboot, recleared the entire phone "2125" and it still gives me error, storage/windows/start doesnt exist and there are no icons are anything in the program

3:19 pm
Sun 29 Apr

MIKE wrote...


4:48 pm
Mon 30 Apr

louis wrote...

I downloaded the .cab and it let me pick a new background, but when i set as default and exit. It doesn't do anthing but tell me gstart cannot be started, bad filename. I moved it to start menu and it still would not work. So i deleted it. I back to my basic start menu. So is it really a virus for my Q?

1:43 pm
Mon 7 May

leonardo daniel wrote...

good program

9:54 pm
Sat 19 May

Dorian wrote...

can sumone please help me!! i have installed this application on my motorola q and now i cant access my start menu to even perform a reset. When i press the start menu it says "cant find gstart"... is it anyway to take this off of my phone completely?

11:45 am
Sun 21 Oct

shani wrote...

wot the fuck this is fake appplication i can't acess my start menu [:(] some one help me .. when i clike start menu its creating an error i can't access file explorer my menu n noting plz help (Can't find gStart(or one of its components).Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are avaailable..)

10:35 pm
Wed 6 Aug

Mikey wrote...

This is crap! Do not download this. It doesn't work and when you remove the "program" it leaves hidden files on your phone and in the programs list. If anyone knows how to get rid of these leftovers, please let me know. Lawrence Patricio is a hack.

10:08 pm
Wed 3 Jun

Disgusting wrote...

You should remove this shit from the list, so that nobody else suffers from this appology for a software!

8:36 am
Mon 12 Dec

dhina wrote...

htc p3400i

11:21 pm
Tue 24 Jul

Hitoshi wrote...

Whilst blackberry used to be ledaing the industry in smartphone technology, they have now taken a back seat. Yes blackberry phones are good and I have actually used this exact model and like it. But they really need to start getting more original if they want to stay in the game.

6:03 pm



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