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Instant Messaging SMS

Summary: InstantMessaging SMS (IMSMS) is an application that will allow you to send and receive SMS text messages as if they were instant messages!

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-10-02
Found under: sms, message, instant,

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Smartphone Instant Messaging SMS freeware
Instant Messaging SMS Description

InstantMessaging SMS (IMSMS) is an application that will allow you to send and receive SMS text messages as if they were instant messages! The software will allow you to group messages together for easy viewing and provide an Instant messaging format you are accustomed to when using Instant Messaging software. If you are a heavy SMS text user, you know how inconvenient it is without having a way to group your messages together. Now you can with IMSMS! It was designed to mimic Instant Messaging while utilizing the fast and cheap SMS services! Best of all, this software was designed to be FREE and fully functional on Windows Mobile devices! Now you can text away just like you do when you chat away on IM!

for more information please visit the project site

Important: Applicaton Unlocker
(install this first before this allows you to unlock your WM5/6 device so you can run UNSIGNED applications.

the Instant Messaging SMS free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Instant Messaging SMS direct on your windows mobile smartphone

Made by: DSO Software Production

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Instant Messaging SMS Comments and Reviews

Wed 3 Oct



6:10 am
Fri 5 Oct

robi wrote...


2:38 pm
Tue 9 Oct

bobby wrote...

how do u install it?

12:04 am
Tue 9 Oct

Jason wrote...

Not bad, I like that its simple, yet quite functional. Just wish it had more customization options...

12:54 pm
Wed 10 Oct

Jake wrote...

I can't find the application unlocker. It opens up to an invalid webpage. Is there another solution?

12:05 am
Wed 10 Oct

Jason wrote...

Hit the Project link for the Most updated version. Works pretty nice... Newer version has nice updates.

9:02 am
Mon 15 Oct

marc wrote...


7:31 pm
Fri 19 Oct

Kareem wrote...

I installed it on my Dash w/ WM6 and it is not working properly. I can send messages, but the default SMS app captures all of the replies. Any help with this?

6:09 am
Fri 26 Oct

jorge wrote...


2:39 am
Sat 3 Nov

Mandy wrote...

@Kareem, the project site says that: You must archive and DELETE ALL YOUR CHAT LOGS when installing the performance enhanced version of IMSMS (Version 1.0.210).

11:24 am
Wed 13 Feb

sonia wrote...

its not so good but its usefull sometime

8:04 am
Wed 13 Feb

sonia wrote...

its not so good but its usefull sometime

8:06 am
Wed 13 Feb

todor wrote...

the idea is good but the programming is not

8:16 am
Tue 1 Apr

brown wrote...

i downloaded this and the color changing feature is pretty cool. anytime you get bored with one theme, just adjust and customize the colors of font, names, backgrounds, etc. One MAJOR downfall i am still searching for a solution for. While using IMSMS.. the messages are still sent to your regular inbox. i'm sure there is a fix somewhere, it's just a matter of finding it.

9:08 am
Thu 8 May

ish wrote...

does this software use data or it uses ur regular txt message

4:16 pm
Sat 21 Jun

DavDc wrote...

Is This using data or just my txt message cuz im using it like crazy with my verizon in group and i dont have a data plan

7:09 pm
Fri 10 Oct

joel wrote...

can i install this to my Ipaq phone (windows 2003 OS), it needs windows CE application pls help, really need this kind of software

9:45 pm
Fri 21 Nov

AnaM wrote...

Is this properly functioning for the t-mobile dash w/wm6? i want to try it but i dont want to install a faulty app.

2:05 am
Sun 26 Aug

sandra corley wrote...

I want need im

12:57 pm
Fri 2 Nov

Hiralal wrote...

If I left the (system) Notification ON I get the blinked led and dutcalipe message under my private box. However, if I turn the notification OFF, I receive a single message (which is correct) but then I have no idea that there's a message to be read.Any chance of adding some alert (tone or vibrate) to it?

12:04 am



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