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PocketTV Classic (free) - MPEG Movie Player

Summary: Award-winning PocketTV plays any MPEG movie/video on your Smartphone! Convert all your DVDs and videos in MPEG or download 1000s.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-11-08
Found under: pockettv, classic, free, mpeg, movie, player,

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Smartphone PocketTV Classic (free) - MPEG Movie Player freeware
PocketTV Classic (free) - MPEG Movie Player Description

Award-winning PocketTV lets you play any MPEG-1 video file (extension .mpg or .mpeg) on your Smartphone. You can make your own MPEG files (see or download thousands from the net.

PocketTV Classic is FREE for personal use (only runs on unlocked Smartphones).

If you use PocketTV for other than strictly personal use, you are required to purchase PocketTV Enterprise Edition (if you don't, your company or organization could be liable for significant damages).

Just run the PocketTV Setup file on your desktop PC. It will install the English version of PocketTV Classic automatically and effortlessly on your Smartphone.

Not familiar with installing software on your Smartphone ?
Check our PocketTV Installation Guide at .

Download some of our demo MPEG files optimized for Smartphone from .

Want to put your own videos in your Smartphone?
Check our Simple guide for making MPEG's optimized for PocketTV at .

Visit our Partners to download movie and trailers and other videos for PocketTV:

Go to to find the best tools for making your own MPEGs!

If you have a website with great MPEG's for PocketTV, let us know!

Update Description: Added support for WM5, WM6 and QVGA. Fixed fullscreen problem on Qtek 8010. Added support for SPV C500. Major performance improvement when video is scaled. Added fullscreen scaling. Fixed nag-screen issue. Improved support for Motorola MPx200 and Samsung i600. Can now save and email JPEG images from the movie. Added support for Smartphone 2003. Solved installation problem on Mitac Mio 8380. Fixed registration problem on the Arabic i-Mate Smartphone. Fixed problem when incoming call arrives while playing in Fullscreen mode.

the PocketTV Classic (free) - MPEG Movie Player free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Download PocketTV Classic (free) - MPEG Movie Player direct on your windows mobile smartphone

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PocketTV Classic (free) - MPEG Movie Player Comments and Reviews

Sat 26 Aug

akshaye wrote...

its very good

11:56 pm
Sat 11 Nov

ganesh wrote...

its hot

2:30 pm
Sat 10 Feb

sunny wrote...

pk it is

11:20 am
Sun 22 Apr

fadzil wrote...

-whats a great deal

4:59 am
Thu 10 May

rtdfd wrote...


10:52 am
Tue 7 Aug

hari prasad wrote...

its amazing

2:24 am
Mon 27 Aug

kishore wrote...

i want the players for kyocera 7135 smart phone

9:12 am
Tue 4 Sep

jagdishkoshti wrote...

so good

5:51 am
Thu 8 Nov

yohannes wrote...


8:07 am
Fri 9 Nov

Crap player only mpeg1 wrote...

Totally crap. Use The Core Pocket Media Player as main Videoplayer on your Wm device. Has way more codec support then this player. Get TCPMP here:

4:20 am
Fri 9 Nov

TCPMP wrote...

Info can be found on Wikipedia: Hint: use aac codec plugin of older version tcpmp, it works on the latest version.

4:25 am
Fri 9 Nov

Oops wrote...

Sorry the first TCPMP link won't work, use this link for downloading:

4:28 am
Wed 14 Nov

colin wrote...

thank you for the software.

4:45 pm
Sat 24 Nov

james frazier wrote...

love it

12:53 am
Tue 27 Nov

icalvinioan wrote...


1:04 pm
Sun 16 Dec

abuzz wrote...


1:56 am
Thu 17 Jan

genci wrote...

do u have any ideea how could i see windows media ..... on my samsung e-250 with supports only 3gj files do u know any side to download a workalbe convertor from all files to 3gp files thank you

9:42 pm
Wed 20 Feb

Danish Aziz wrote...

Smartphone+i-mate I like so much.

6:21 am
Wed 20 Feb

momo wrote...


8:41 pm
Sat 8 Mar

fert wrote...


6:22 pm
Wed 16 Apr

roel wrote...

it will work to my palm os,model zire 72

3:04 pm
Sun 15 Jun

brooke wrote...

can anyone tell me how i can see youtube videos on my dash? plz help!

1:53 pm
Mon 16 Jun

Shibsankar wrote...


3:29 am
Tue 17 Jun

kingjay wrote...


4:49 pm
Wed 25 Jun

samm wrote...

I try it out sounds good

1:41 am
Mon 7 Jul

Fazal wrote...


10:35 pm
Wed 9 Jul

srinivas patil wrote...

its good

1:54 am
Sun 10 Aug

pradipta mahata wrote...

its best

1:31 pm
Tue 2 Sep

nirav wrote...

its god

6:29 am
Mon 15 Sep

ellis wrote...

is anyone can tell me how can i download this software to my blackjack 1

7:23 pm
Sun 5 Oct

john doe wrote...


1:31 am
Thu 30 Oct

Drewscrilla wrote...

Can I download 4 shadow

12:05 pm
Thu 30 Oct

Drewscrilla wrote...

Can I download 4 shadow

12:18 pm
Sun 14 Jun

sameer wrote...

it is very usefull software

7:44 am
Thu 28 Jan

mann wrote...

wow nice

1:15 am
Thu 25 Mar

Dilip Rathod wrote...


11:25 pm
Tue 29 Jun

cary wrote...

I could not get it said page not available i need help does anyone know how to get a handler for a kyocera incognito great phone that don t work do not buy can not get help from anyone i can not even talk to kyocera not available. Please write ( i don t want to buy another phone you can not send or recieve email i had a cheap phone that worked better then it was t mobile 2 yrs of misory i joined sprint. I hate trowing money away how about you. If u can help let me know please. Thank you

3:17 am
Mon 19 Jul

mahafuzur rahman wrote...

.i need it. yes.....

11:12 am
Mon 20 Dec

prabakaran wrote...

It's one of the classic level player and it build a songs sequentially.

10:48 am
Tue 22 Mar

Sadaf-ssm.loxblog wrote...

سلام خیلی باحاله من یه ورژن شو دارم اکتیو نشده.اگه این باشه حله

5:25 am
Wed 27 Jul

Asif wrote...


10:08 pm
Tue 11 Oct

vicky soni wrote...

nic app

4:31 am



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