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» Right Tweaker

• Summary: Right Tweaker is a free PC-based Smartphone tweaker which will help you with right softkey tweaking. By default, the phone opens Contacts program when you click the right softkey at the homescreen are...

1. Windows XP (tested only on XP Pro SP2 machine, computer admin account)
2. Microsoft ActiveSync program
3. Application unlocked Smartphone (tested only on C500 and C550)

• Arrived: 2006-10-25
• Found under: utilities, tweek, keymap,

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Smartphone Right Tweaker freeware
» Right Tweaker Description

Right Tweaker is a free PC-based Smartphone tweaker which will help you with right softkey tweaking. By default, the phone opens Contacts program when you click the right softkey at the homescreen area. With right soft key tweaking, you can assign a new name and a new program to launch. Tweaking can be done on the phone using a registry editor or on the PC using PC-based registry editor.

To tweak
1. Dock phone to computer
2. Launch program
3. Type a name you wish to appear on the phone’s right menu
4. Type the full path of the file you wish to link or launch. Begin with a backslash when typing the path. Tested only on LNKs and EXEs. Do not type path to non-existent files.

For example: \Storage\windows\Start Menu\WMPlayer.lnk OR \Storage\windows\Start Menu\Accessories\Quickreset.exe

5. Wait for confirmation
6. Check mobile device
To revert to default settings
Just click on the Default button. Utility will revert to Contacts as default program launched (check image below).
Image Hosted by
If youd like to have the right soft key launch Start Menu (in case you have a problematic left soft key)

1. Open Notepad in PC then paste this code:
00#\Windows\appman.exe -s BootApps :MSStart tpcutil.dll AMStart

2. Save the file as Start.lnk (not in TXT extension). Transfer the LNK to phone (for example \Storage\windows\Start Menu).

3. Open Right Tweaker then type this as path:
\Storage\windows\Start Menu\Start.lnk

Do not type appman.exe -s BootApps :MSStart tpcutil.dll AMStart. It will not work.

the Right Tweaker free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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» Right Tweaker Comments and Reviews

Sat 17 Mar

Peter wrote...

I'm confused at step 2 when you transfer the LNK to the phone.

11:31 am
Wed 28 Mar

poskpofbxk wrote...

Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! igvixxucdisu

12:35 am
Sun 6 May

Javier wrote...

Hi!, Good program, I noted this: when is executed the rightweak.exe everything woks fine, but when I restart my smartphone the description of the link (described as "Type name here") looses after restarting the device, it keeps working fine but the text is lost. It is an HTC S620 w/Windows Mobile 5

3:09 pm
Fri 10 Aug

Daniel wrote...

Does this not work on the Moto Q, or am I not doing something?

2:45 am
Wed 15 Aug

Jimmy wrote...

I couldn't get this to work no matter what I tried, the default function worked for me, but no path I typed worked.

8:59 pm
Wed 23 Sep

Colby wrote...

I have been looking for something like this since i got my BJ2. Works perfectly. Thank You!

11:17 am
Fri 24 Feb

Andrea wrote...

Menarik gak la offer die....tapi kena mtaaniin rm40/monthly baru dpt internet free...Tapi smartphone cam simple giler jee.....kamera pun just 2MP.....huhuhu....tapi kena la ngan harganya kan....

4:38 pm



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