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Schedy Mobile

Summary: Schedy Mobile is an alarm and task scheduler application for Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: 2009-12-01
Found under: alarm, task, schedule,

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Smartphone Schedy Mobile freeware
Schedy Mobile Description

Updated version:

Schedy Mobile is an alarm and task scheduler application for Windows Mobile Smartphone. It has the same flexible scheduling options which will help you be always on time !


* easy to use
* unlimited number of alarms and tasks
* flexible scheduling options
* MP3, WMA, WAV and other sound files format supported (if appropriate codec installed).
* Alarms Home Screen Plug-in

Download Schedy Mobile
* SP 2003
* SP 5.0

Download Alarms Homescreen Plug-in:
* SP 2003
* SP 5.0
* SP 6.0 Standard

the Schedy Mobile free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Download Schedy Mobile direct on your windows mobile smartphone

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Schedy Mobile Comments and Reviews

Mon 17 Dec

Leo Pepoe wrote...

Nice Thanks

8:12 am
Tue 18 Dec

tmony wrote...

I agree. Nicer than Snooze :)

6:57 pm
Tue 4 Mar

btreva wrote...

I love this program!

3:16 pm
Tue 18 Mar

Ben__ wrote...

The directory from which you can select the Alarm tone appears to be confined to \Application Data\Sounds\ - this is annoying if you want to choose sounds from other folders (eg \Windows\Rings\)

8:55 am
Thu 20 Mar

N_e_o wrote...

After I installed this it stopped working telling me that after 03/15/08 I had to re-download the newest version, when I did it uninstalled the old and installed the newest but I decided to install it to my card. Since then I have been receiving the error: Cannot Execute \Program Files\schedy\schedym.exe I can't find where this is coming from. Anyone knows?

2:13 am
Wed 26 Mar

jamsoil wrote...

Go to fewbits(dot)com and download startup manager. Navigate to user notifications, and delete schedym.exe notification.

12:10 am
Mon 25 Aug

Jerry wrote...

Thanks it was really anoying and it worked

5:00 pm
Sat 6 Sep

Jackized wrote...

Very nice but is there a way to change the text size on the home screen? Also when the text is selected I can not it would be nice if the font color would change. I do all my editing in the XML file.

9:21 am
Sat 25 Oct

thebigcheese wrote...

Nice, but about half the time, when the alarm goes off on my Motorola Q, I can not dismiss it. I have to shut the phone down.

8:28 am
Sat 15 Nov

bangun daviet prasetyo wrote...

i like this program

10:43 am
Sun 16 Nov

cheezy wrote...

doesn't work with WM 6.1. when you do not pick up fast enough, or if it switches to the home screen, you cannot dismiss the alarm.

9:09 pm
Wed 3 Dec

patber wrote...

when I try to schedule a task I have always the message 'the application name ... is not exist'. Anyone can explain me why or how to do?? thx

8:02 pm
Sat 21 Nov

mymyt wrote...

great simple application, use it daily, thanks

8:18 pm
Sat 12 Dec

assem hammouda wrote...

very good

8:15 pm
Tue 5 Jan

neonix wrote...

Really great app! I never thought I'd find something I'd use other than Snooze, but this has a few good advantages over it, primarily the override system volume option. REQUEST: Please make a plugin for the HTC Home app. It would be awesome and greatly appreciated.

2:03 pm
Tue 13 Jul

enominous wrote...

it works okay on my moto q, i hope you come out with a moto q home app that would be even better

12:47 am



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