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Smartphone Homescreen builder

Summary: Smartphone Homescreen builder is a free WYSIWYG PC application for creating homescreens for windows smartphones (Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0), completely removing the need to understand the xml. ...

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-05-21
Found under: homescreen, builder, utilities,

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Smartphone Smartphone Homescreen builder freeware
Smartphone Homescreen builder Description

Smartphone Homescreen builder is a free WYSIWYG PC application for creating homescreens for windows smartphones (Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0), completely removing the need to understand the xml.

It supports the standard plugins :-

  • IconBar plugin
  • MRU plugin
  • Time & Date plugin
  • Carrier plugin
  • Profile plugin
  • SMS count plugin
  • MMS count plugin
  • Email count plugin
  • Calendar plugin
  • All day appointment plugin

  • In addition it supports the madbeetle extended plugins :-

  • Analogue Clock plugin
  • Animation plugin

  • Note : Madbeetle extended plugins must be purchased for the target device.

    Editor suports the new Windows Mobile colour scheme. Gone are the 20 colours settings, now you simply choose the homescreen highlight, and drag the colour wheel to set the theme.

    Building a home is quick and easy.
    - Choose the target resolution (240x320, 320x240, 240x240)
    - Choose plugins, draging them into position with your mouse
    - Set the properties for each plugin.
    - Set a background image
    - Set the colour scheme
    - Build the cab file

    the Smartphone Homescreen builder free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

    .mobi Mobile friendly download
    Download Smartphone Homescreen builder direct on your windows mobile smartphone

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    Smartphone Homescreen builder Comments and Reviews

    Thu 31 May

    wewe wrote...


    2:55 am
    Sat 2 Jun

    jjga wrote...

    good job

    3:54 pm
    Sun 3 Jun

    RAJ KUMAR wrote...


    1:38 am
    Tue 5 Jun

    Kevin Vargo wrote...


    8:21 pm
    Thu 7 Jun

    fred wrote...


    3:29 pm
    Fri 8 Jun

    Baswe wrote...


    3:56 pm
    Tue 12 Jun

    Ndra wrote...


    9:04 am
    Thu 14 Jun

    timothy wrote...

    homescreen maker

    8:47 am
    Mon 25 Jun

    Adrian Acosta wrote...

    I keep getting the following message Error:CAB file"..." could not be created, what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

    9:13 pm
    Tue 3 Jul

    4nr4 wrote...

    can i use in Windows Mobile 2003 SE

    12:07 pm
    Sun 22 Jul

    nando wrote...


    4:10 pm
    Mon 13 Aug

    Jonatthan wrote...


    12:46 pm
    Wed 15 Aug

    keithed2313 wrote...

    lite to try

    9:29 pm
    Thu 16 Aug

    Andriel wrote...

    What about WiFi???

    4:41 am
    Sat 18 Aug

    Linda wrote...

    All I get is error 2932

    6:56 pm
    Fri 24 Aug

    paul wrote...


    2:50 pm
    Sun 26 Aug

    pancho wrote...

    Fwiw, I can't get it to display properly on two Moto Qs. The picture is always blown up past the screen size, so you only see a part of the picture, that part is fuzzy, and much of the information and the mru are completely off the screen too. Anyone else have problems w/ a Q?

    8:56 am
    Sun 26 Aug

    pancho wrote...

    Fwiw, I had to edit the XML to make it work. (The width and height were mixed up by the program. If you choose 320 X 240 it displays perfectly in the WYSIWYG editor, but it's actually listed as 240 X 320 in the XML code. After manually changing it, it's working much better. Not perfect, but not bad either.)

    9:15 am
    Fri 21 Sep

    willie wrote...

    This software has lots of problem if you are having IPAQ512 WiFi WM phone. It does not have the plugin for the WiFi connection. Besides, many of its own plugins will not properly in WM6 on IPAQ512 environment.

    4:04 am
    Wed 24 Oct

    ansony wrote...


    6:25 am
    Sun 18 Nov

    obiwan wrote...

    very good

    3:40 pm
    Wed 28 Nov

    db8kay wrote...

    pimp program !

    12:51 am
    Thu 20 Dec

    nilesh wrote...


    11:58 pm
    Wed 23 Jan

    7san wrote...

    soooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooool

    2:17 pm
    Sun 10 Feb

    scott wrote...

    why does it give you a cab file but only a xml file..

    8:05 am
    Sun 10 Feb

    scott wrote...

    why doesnt it give you a cab file but only a xml file..

    8:05 am
    Fri 7 Mar

    Giovanni wrote...

    this is so cool

    10:38 am
    Fri 7 Mar

    ansar wrote...

    I think this is a great site .

    10:54 pm
    Tue 25 Mar

    ronjon wrote...


    6:10 am
    Wed 26 Mar

    daniel wrote...

    it's verry good

    5:20 pm
    Fri 25 Apr

    JeepinCA wrote...

    Great program! ...but now I want to learn XML code to really take this to the next level!

    8:06 pm
    Fri 2 May

    Gina V Kenslow wrote...


    1:44 am
    Tue 6 May

    Sharon M. wrote...

    Easy to use, many creative variables, SO much better than the T-Mobile Dash default screens. My only criticism: there are no instructions at all. But customer support was lightning fast in responding to my questions.

    9:34 pm
    Mon 23 Jun

    Jacob wrote...

    I installed this and bought the programm for my phone, i made my background but what do i do next? how to i get it on my phone??????

    4:37 pm
    Sun 12 Oct

    gina kenslow wrote...


    2:32 pm
    Thu 20 Nov

    rozzy wrote...

    Absolutely brilliant program. The font increase option is great if you struggle to read your original homepage

    5:51 pm
    Mon 7 Dec

    mustafaa wrote...

    does it work on samsung sgh-i617 blackjack II?

    2:12 pm
    Mon 21 Dec

    davis leocadio wrote...

    is program very god

    1:16 pm
    Mon 28 Dec

    Mijke wrote...

    too cool!

    3:58 am
    Wed 21 Apr

    csreddy wrote...


    12:07 am
    Fri 28 May

    vipin wrote...

    now the download is not working it's showing error

    10:03 pm
    Thu 5 Aug

    mirsa wrote...


    11:21 am
    Fri 3 Sep

    agil wrote...


    11:36 pm
    Fri 3 Sep

    agil wrote...


    11:39 pm
    Sat 16 Oct

    joe hajj wrote...

    plz for me smart phone 71557466

    4:38 pm
    Sun 5 Dec

    Csreddy wrote...


    6:34 am
    Sun 26 Jun

    Charleso wrote...

    Please wat about HP 6515a Ipaq Xcingular Windows Mobile

    3:12 pm
    Wed 31 Aug

    abed wrote...

    i like

    11:13 am
    Fri 4 Nov

    joseph christian wrote...

    I need homescreen for my smartphone

    6:48 am
    Fri 4 Nov

    joseph christian wrote...

    I need homescreen for my smartphone

    6:49 am
    Sun 27 Nov

    fikri wrote...

    i need homescreen for moto q9h

    1:55 am



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