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SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07

Summary: SmartToolkit adds some sweet functions to your device, as well as a beautiful interface.

Device Compatibility
Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone
Windows Mobile 2003SE Smartphone
Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone
Windows Mobile 6 Standard
Screen Compatibility
QQVGA 176x220
QVGA 240x320
QVGA Landscape 320x240

Arrived: 2007-11-05
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, menu, today screen, alarm, keylock,

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Smartphone SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07 freeware
SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07 Description

SmartToolkit adds some sweet functions to your device, as well as a beautiful interface.

A new Start Menu, which is more XP / Vista like is added, as well as a Clipboard function that allows you to Cut/Copy/Paste, activate 2P (Double Press) functionality as well as using the numeric keypad to navigate (acting like your D-Pad).

A automatic keylock is included, with a great screensaver function that allows you to display analog clock or digital clock when the keys are locked. Also possible are shortcuts to STK functions (but also any program), which can be defined within the STK settings.

The biggest update of SmartToolkit Interface with SmartToolkit RC07.

RC07 Release is User Interface base release, this release is the first SmartToolkit version which support the full skinning. Read the Skin Development Manual for more information about how to create your own SmartToolkit Skins.

Release File Type: CAB Installer
Release File Packages:
1. SmartToolkit Main Program
2. White Phone (Skins)
3. Lowercase-English for RC07 (Languages)
4. Crystal Clear (Icon Set)
5. Sample Plugin (Plugins)
6. SmartToolkit Manual (Documentations)
7. Changelog (Documentations)
8. Language Development Note (Documentations)
9. Plugins Development Manual (Documentations)
10.Skins Development Manual (Documentations)

How to Install:
Copy file into your phone, and run the to Install the SmartToolkit RC07.

How to use the SmartToolkit:
There is high quality SmartToolkit manual in forums, you can download it about 5MB. Or ead the phone HTML version in Start Menu -> SmartToolkit -> SmartToolkit Manual

What's New:
* Add Skins
* Add 12 hours format for tray clock
* Fix the keylock
* Fix the joggr
* Fix default skin coloring for WM2003
* Enchance the Interface.
* Port the popup menu into system menu (explorer)
* Add image alignment in plugins script
* Fix plugins getparam

the SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 NEW

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SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07 Comments and Reviews

Mon 5 Nov

toyx wrote...

magikkkkkkkk !!!!!!!!! I can't belive what my eyes saw on my htc s310|||

4:02 pm
Mon 5 Nov

jason wrote...

this is greater

8:19 pm
Mon 5 Nov

radisy wrote...

it was great

10:48 pm
Tue 6 Nov

slavi wrote...


9:03 am
Tue 6 Nov

Ezmegaz wrote...

GREATTTTTTT....worx perfectly on HTC s710 vox!!! 1000 X THX!! =) You must download this!!

1:27 pm
Wed 7 Nov

Leonna wrote...

And the best gets even better. Awesome job!

7:52 pm
Sat 10 Nov

Thor wrote...

Really nice work !

1:46 am
Sat 10 Nov

aznbllr wrote...

wow works perfect with htc s620

5:28 pm
Tue 13 Nov

Zappo wrote...

Hangs up on my HTC S620 completely after some time, I had to remove the battery to reset the phone! This is since the alpha-version :(

12:42 am
Wed 14 Nov

aaaa wrote...


6:26 pm
Thu 15 Nov

John Wayne wrote...

Great app. Speeds up work.

9:39 am
Fri 16 Nov

James wrote...

Hi, anyone installed SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07 in Samsung SGHi600 running WM6 standard. Does it work?

7:39 pm
Sat 17 Nov

FRWL wrote...

This is just a brilliant app. Works Brilliantly on my HTC S620. Incidentally, yes it does work on WM6 Samsung SGHi600. RC08 is now available as well. Visit the e-natives website to download:

12:25 pm
Mon 19 Nov

James wrote...

Thanks, FRWL.

5:03 pm
Tue 20 Nov

Mike wrote...

anyone installed this on the Tmobile Dash?

10:01 am
Wed 21 Nov

Rene Garlich wrote...


1:00 am
Sun 25 Nov

Jonathan wrote...

Can't seem to get it to work on Tmobile Wing

8:34 am
Fri 7 Dec

luis wrote...


11:52 am
Sun 9 Dec

neezy wrote...

WOW! This program is amazing! It is 10X better than I thought it would be. I reccomend this to EVERYONE and ANYONE who has a smartphone with Windows Mobile! And it's FREE!!!!!

8:08 am
Thu 13 Dec

Matt wrote...

WOW... Greatest thing made for Window Mobile yet ^^ on question though. will there be an update to where it always shows to vista start bar and not the default wm start menu?

9:47 pm
Mon 31 Dec

Marcus Nicolas wrote...

this is da best thing eva

2:41 pm
Wed 16 Jan

oscar wrote...

como bajo el programa

3:05 pm
Tue 22 Jan

warren wrote...


6:09 am
Tue 5 Feb

yhesa wrote...

how download smartoolkit 1.00-RC-07

7:20 pm
Wed 13 Feb

Gusta wrote...


3:41 pm
Wed 20 Feb

momo wrote...


8:08 pm
Wed 5 Mar

Alex wrote...

Hello just want to download this file to see what i can do

10:33 pm
Thu 13 Mar

sssk wrote...

Looks great but locks up on the shadow after a while, had to pull out the battery to reset the phone

5:31 pm
Tue 1 Apr

monkey wrote...

dunno why my Shadow can run ONLY for a while then it halted.Home key, back key can't work. Any help?

9:34 am
Fri 25 Apr

lymar wrote...

on my shadow it worked for a few mins, I love how it feels and looks, but it freezes up after a few buttob presses and i have to remove the battery to reset. i wonder if the newer version works best

11:51 am
Fri 9 May

Mukesh wrote...

This is the most amazing application I have see. This makes life so easy on your fingertips. Works great on my blackjack II

7:20 pm
Sun 18 May

henry wrote...

how can i make the program install full screen, and be the start menu on my blackjack 2?

6:08 pm
Mon 11 Aug

Ronin wrote...

Before I download and install this app, I have a quick question. Will this app work with the Motorola Q9h with Windows Mobile 6 Standard CE OS 5.2.1440 (Build 17948.0.3.4) ? Seems like it might be a good app that I'd like to try, but want to know that it'll work with my phone before downloading & installing. Thanks.

2:14 pm
Sun 17 Aug

huynh wrote...


3:21 am
Wed 24 Sep

Nate wrote...

It looks great but RC07 on my Motorola Q9c running WM 6.1 doesn't work long enough for me to test it out before my phone freezes.

6:47 pm
Sat 1 Nov

stefan wrote...

how download this file

10:32 am
Mon 3 Nov

pamela wrote...

I would like to know if this program would work on my phone... Moto Q9c lime? I have not had this phone long. please write back.thanx you.

8:01 am
Wed 7 Jan

Matt wrote...

Great program..... yes it works for the Q... anyone know how to get the clock that shows up on the top right corner of your screen when you have a window up to be in a 12 hour format?

9:10 am
Wed 25 Feb

Steve wrote...

Seriously the best app you could possibly put on a smartphone. This should be standard from ms! Would be lost without it. Used it flawlessly with my HTC Dash/Excalibur, HTC Shadow, and Samsung BJ and BJ2. THE BEST!!

5:07 am
Thu 1 Oct

naresh patole wrote...

smarttool kit software download

2:21 pm
Wed 25 Nov

tatbrat wrote...

I get an alert saying: Access denied. The program cannot start because it is not digitally signed with a trusted certificate. How can i get this to open ?

11:56 pm
Sat 6 Feb

kelcey wrote...

i would like to try this for my phone

4:51 pm
Wed 11 May

manikandan wrote...

i like this

4:25 am
Sun 16 Oct

johnson wrote...

please download it

3:45 am
Thu 19 Jan

Lynell wrote...

Son of a gun, this is so helufpl!

6:54 pm
Sun 26 Aug

Lars wrote...

Now the solution.MS win moblie will not by default let you set up a gmail imap. But there is a solution.a) follow the normal procedure for setting up an amial acct when entering your email address use instead of .comb) Then on the next screen uncheck auto settings check then procede to enter the rest of the details besure to choose imap from the drop down menu.c) when done go back to the account you just created and edit it. put in the correct email address then important press the previous screen NOT next . Then press OK.Your done you now have a gmail imap client setup in windows moblie.

12:02 am



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