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SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09

Summary: SmartToolkit adds some sweet functions to your device, as well as a beautiful interface.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2020-02-04
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, menu, today screen, alarm, keylock,

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Smartphone SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 freeware
SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 Description

SmartToolkit adds some sweet functions to your device, as well as a beautiful interface.

A new Start Menu, which is more XP / Vista like is added, as well as a Clipboard function that allows you to Cut/Copy/Paste, activate 2P (Double Press) functionality as well as using the numeric keypad to navigate (acting like your D-Pad).

A automatic keylock is included, with a great screensaver function that allows you to display analog clock or digital clock when the keys are locked. Also possible are shortcuts to STK functions (but also any program), which can be defined within the STK settings.

The biggest update of SmartToolkit Interface with SmartToolkit RC07.

RC07 Release is User Interface base release, this release is the first SmartToolkit version which support the full skinning. Read the Skin Development Manual for more information about how to create your own SmartToolkit Skins.

Release File Type: CAB Installer
Release File Packages:
1. SmartToolkit Main Program
2. White Phone (Skins)
3. Lowercase-English for RC07 (Languages)
4. Crystal Clear (Icon Set)
5. Sample Plugin (Plugins)
6. SmartToolkit Manual (Documentations)
7. Changelog (Documentations)
8. Language Development Note (Documentations)
9. Plugins Development Manual (Documentations)
10.Skins Development Manual (Documentations)

How to Install:
Copy file into your phone, and run the to Install the SmartToolkit RC07.

How to use the SmartToolkit:
There is high quality SmartToolkit manual in forums, you can download it about 5MB. Or ead the phone HTML version in Start Menu -> SmartToolkit -> SmartToolkit Manual

SmartToolkit has been released in version RC09 with engine CORE-1. Because new engine (CORE-2) still under development routine, we cant release it yet.

Feature Update 1. Add System Global Skinning 2. Recode the Keylock and Screen Saver

New feature "System Global Skinning" is planned to release with CORE-2, but current CORE-2 is still 60% into complete, it need so much time to finish. So we add the feature into CORE-1 based code, and released now.

System Global Skinning only available for WM5 and WM6, we still not found any API in WM2003 that support for it.

Requirements for Global Skinning
For unlocked phone, you can download any build and run it without problem, but for locked phone, you must choice the right build or you will not be able to use the System Global Skinning.

You may download the "e-Natives Technology Root Certificate" and install it on your phone then download the "RC09 with e-Natives Technology Signing" build. You will be able to download the certificate in our download section.

You may download the "TEST USE ONLY - Sample Unprivileged Root for Windows Mobile SDK" and install it on your phone then download the "RC09 with Windows Mobile SDK Signing" build. You will be able to download the certificate in Microsoft Windows Mobile Developer website or another Windows Mobile community website, just try to googling by your self, or may be others people who more advance can help you in our website forum.

For more info read the Change Log in SmartToolkit manual after you install it.

the SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Download SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 direct on your windows mobile smartphone

More versions:
SmartToolkit 1.00-RC07

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SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 Comments and Reviews

Sat 15 Dec

Richard wrote...

Thanx guys, for a wonderful piece of software! works great and look marvelous! I wonder what joseph's problem is.

3:20 pm
Sat 15 Dec

wes house wrote...

Do not install on a samsung i607 or i600 it will soft crash the os

11:02 pm
Sun 16 Dec

luis wrote...

might mess up on the dash a lil bit, great program but uninstalled it..just my 2 cents

1:17 am
Mon 17 Dec

Harsha Kodnad wrote...

I Installed on my HTC S710, Great program! Great functionalities, but crashes and hangs a lot! Even though i liked to use it, I had no option but to uninstall it! hope next releases improves.

11:02 pm
Tue 18 Dec

Mark Polino wrote...

RC 9 runs fine on a WM5 Blackjack. Maybe 1 lockup since I downloaded it on 12/14.

8:12 am
Thu 20 Dec

mtnmedic wrote...

looks awesome, but i cannot get it to run smoothly on m Q9H. I'll play some more, but looks like will have to wait for a more stable version

3:08 pm
Sat 22 Dec

Paulo wrote...

out of this world.

4:06 pm
Thu 27 Dec

mariansilviu wrote...

i hope you have more like this. very cool

1:59 am
Wed 2 Jan

Annunaki wrote...

This works great on the Motorola Q!!! The Start Menu is the #1 feature I have been looking for and it has been executed so beautifully by this program. Awesome!

7:20 pm
Sat 5 Jan

emman wrote...


8:58 pm
Thu 24 Jan

Jansen wrote...

Incredible features with RC09! Works great on my Moto Q. I've been using STK since Beta 3 and had almost given up on it, but RC09 has been stable with only 2 lockups since Dec release.

6:09 am
Fri 25 Jan

RayD wrote...

installed it on my black jack and its a great program but made my phone freeze too much...i uninstalled after about 1 week

4:53 pm
Tue 29 Jan

RayD wrote...

i HAD deleted it but i figured out a way for it not to freeze.... disable hot key show clock on taskbar only disable global system skinning no animation on taskbar so far i have no lock ups since jan 27 and i love it!

6:33 pm
Thu 31 Jan

ercan wrote...


10:37 am
Thu 31 Jan

willem wrote...

Seems to mess up my homescreen (HTC S710) when I lock my screen when running WLM.

11:14 am
Thu 14 Feb

prakash wrote...

let me try and see

3:41 am
Tue 26 Feb

RayRay wrote...

do the following and it will rarely freeze!!: disable hot key, show clock on taskbar only, disable global system skinning, no animation on taskbar.....i did this and my phone has rarely frozen on me! i have samsung BlackJack

9:38 pm
Wed 5 Mar

Brian wrote...

cool site!

5:51 pm
Thu 6 Mar

Hulisani wrote...

Thanx for the software

10:19 am
Sat 15 Mar

henrique wrote...

MTO BOM... VERY GOOD... MUCHO BUENO... em QUALQUER lingua isso ai eh mto bom... e o mais legAL EH os gadgets

5:02 pm
Tue 18 Mar

bebou wrote...

Very nice but bug a lot and need always to reboot my HTC S710. plz improve it with HTC !

6:21 am
Thu 20 Mar

dopie wrote...

can't seem to download it. gives me a error message. is there another program or software required to download the software?

2:58 pm
Tue 25 Mar

naresh bhardwaj wrote...

your site is too good as well other mobile software

11:23 am
Fri 28 Mar

adam wrote...

does this program work for the pantech duo i just got it yesterday. and i really dont want to ruin my phone i am only parents would kill me

7:10 am
Sun 30 Mar

andre wrote...

how do you disable these functions that keep freezing it? i dont see any options to diasable anything in the menus

3:11 pm
Tue 1 Apr

prakash wrote...

this looks great

7:42 am
Tue 1 Apr

monkey wrote...

crashes and hangs a lot on my Shadow. Looking for another stable version

9:40 am
Wed 2 Apr

Pallooma wrote...

Love it. it looks great. unfortunately It does hang my phone (Palm Treo 500v WM6). Tried the fixes suggested by RayRay but still hangs. Keep it up guys it'll be a cracking tool when its fixed

5:21 am
Mon 7 Apr

daniel wrote...

molto molto bello!!!

4:18 pm
Mon 7 Apr

daniel gavrilita wrote...

molto molto buono!!!

4:30 pm
Mon 7 Apr

philip bazin wrote...

nice software

6:23 pm
Sun 13 Apr

Peter wrote...

It works great under WM5 with HTC Mteor, but is does hang WM6 with HTC S310

5:45 pm
Wed 16 Apr

arun wrote...


9:39 pm
Sun 11 May

Rick wrote...


10:07 am
Tue 13 May

buntydadhich wrote...


3:12 am
Wed 14 May

niko wrote...

tried it on my moto q9h. it was awesome at first but after a while it freezes the screen. buttons don't work when pushed. have to remove battery to restart phone. a better version must be coming, i hope...

1:58 pm
Thu 15 May

PCPlod wrote...

looks good - love the screen saver but hangs and I cannot get the clipboard to work - the manual is pretty opaque. Plugins / pop ups don't work (HTC 710)

10:15 am
Tue 20 May

Ocean wrote...

Looks good. Many options can be added on. It does ice my Blackjack, but it's the price we pay to be different. Dull or stall?

5:15 pm
Sat 24 May

chetan wrote...


9:52 am
Sat 24 May

DJyosnow wrote...

I like this software but it locks up often on my Moto Q9c from Sprint...I really think its the Q9c's faul since it's sluggish to begin with... WTF MOROROLLA (you suck)

7:42 pm
Mon 7 Jul

syed wrote...

dont know, just download

1:28 pm
Thu 10 Jul

Tchara wrote...

I've installed this software twice, because it seems to be the only thing like it out there. (thats free) Problem is, it feezes up on my Blakjack II. Perhaps when they can put out a version that fixes the problem, I'll try it again.

12:49 pm
Sat 19 Jul

cdog wrote...

how do you download?? I have a blackjack II and cannot figure out how to download smart toolkit.. Help!!

3:44 pm
Sat 26 Jul

johan wrote...

trying to download

8:04 pm
Sat 26 Jul

Jim R wrote...

SmartToolKit website has a posting by the Author, lower left of Home page, on how limit lockups and other funnies. It is for latest version RC09-CORE 1, but from my experience, will apply to all versions. The bottom line is disable extra features in Settings menus where offered and use defaults when not. Extras are 'gadgets', 'plugins', 'hotkey assignments' Clocks 'Animations' and 'Auto Keylock'. These are less important than the main purpose of SmartToolKit, customizable Start Menu and Taskbar features that operate like XP/Vista Start menu. Find in option settings in Start/ControlPanel/ General, HotKeys, Appearance, and Auto Keylock Since many, if not most, 'extras' with this app are enabled when first installed, you need to read the Authors posting on how to setup for stability. Start with this BASE configuration and test a few day for stability on your phone before adding extras, one at a time, with a few days of use between adding more of them. SmartToolKit is a great free app, but its Author is trying to do too many things before solving bug issues with the 'base' app. Still, it is well worth using, even if it means you may have to reboot from time to time. He has put an awful lot of though and work into this excellent app, so remember to hit his PayPal button to thank him if you continue to use it on your phone. PS: Do not use My Schedules or My Contacts in Start Menu either. They caused me problems on my WM2003SE phone. They cannot be disabled, so just don't open them.

11:57 pm
Thu 31 Jul

milo wrote...


4:58 am
Sat 9 Aug

huynh wrote...

thanks you very much

8:32 am
Mon 18 Aug

jacob wrote...

its great when it works, but when I used it on my blackjack 2, it would make the soft keys, the home key, and the back key not work occasionally

11:04 am
Wed 10 Sep

MJ in Pahoa wrote...

Well this is a tool I would love to have on my HTC Tilt-sadly the link is "dead" when I click on it. Anybody have ideas? Mahalo

2:26 am
Sat 18 Oct

Mattdive wrote...

Had the earlier version on an original Blackjack (flashed to WM6) and it worked great - at first. It started to crash the phone and seemed to degrade my signal. I had more dropped calls and fewer plugins worked properly. I've been waiting for a newer version to try, but it looks like the problems have not been solved. I'll try it, but not with confidence. If it works, it's a great app!

8:31 pm
Tue 4 Nov

fairplay1206 wrote...

well done

4:19 pm
Wed 3 Dec

onitacy wrote...

I can't live without this. Its a savior for me.

10:33 pm
Tue 9 Dec

Tray Caldwell wrote...


11:40 am
Tue 17 Mar

Daniel Lovejoy wrote...

dead link, need a new download location

9:37 pm
Wed 18 Mar

Jyaa wrote...

The download link has been updated.

4:05 pm
Sat 21 Mar

Dave wrote...

I would probably pay money for a stable release for the q9c. This program is awesome. RC08 is the only stable version I can tweak/use on my q at the moment. patiently waiting....

10:43 am
Sun 5 Apr

briggs wrote...

I had this on my old BJ and wanted it for my BJ2. Problem is, a great developer has posted his incredible work on a BS add supported server that ooops, header not found errors on non-premium accounts. I itend to stay completely away frm this until there are direct links on their site. I would recommend all my friends do the same. Oh, and before the flame starts, the block says 'your opinion'.

6:48 pm
Tue 7 Apr

Sprunth wrote...

Works great on htc juno/tmobile shadow. No problems, except for one memory overload, possibly my fault. Uses about 15% of avaliable memory, haven't yet found complications with other programs. Very nice, waiting for final stable release.

4:09 pm
Sat 11 Apr

Mallic wrote...

This application works wonderfully on my tmobile dash. This is a beautiful piece of software, good job.

12:33 am
Tue 14 Apr

alex wrote...

Hey, I try downloading this from my T-mobile Dash using wifi and i get the following message... HTTP ERROR: $CODE$ $MESSAGE$ RequestURI=/nic3a-STK-Backup PLEASE HELP :)

9:10 pm
Wed 27 May

wangjian wrote...

htc china!downloading chinese?

8:41 pm
Fri 5 Jun

evive07 wrote...

why does it freez on my motorolla Q? amazong program but it freezes and stuff. like when i finish a call it soft freezes -.- what should i do? i like this program though its so good! good job

2:06 am
Sat 13 Jun

Nixonfinity wrote...

Will it work on my Hermes 100 pocket pc or is it exclusively meant for smartphones

4:35 pm
Wed 1 Jul

rinu wrote...

good one

8:53 pm
Sun 19 Jul

bryant wrote...

seemingly my HP IPAQ rw6815 can't download this piece of software ,its sad

3:19 pm
Sun 26 Jul

Paulhheslop wrote...


4:49 pm
Tue 28 Jul

Marc wrote...

Thank you. Its a great and amazing app that you thrwon into the community. Thats the only app i need for customization! Awesome...!!!

12:36 pm
Thu 6 Aug

sibu wrote...

I really luv this app, it really is an awsum experience, freshhhh..........!

6:29 am
Wed 28 Oct

pawan wrote...

so good.

11:17 pm
Wed 4 Nov

chinglemba wrote...

since m downloading smart toolkit from my mob htc wm6,download always finished at 0b size and another i had finished downloading the cab file but problem occur and couldn`t be installed sucessfully so pliz help me...

9:17 am
Sun 15 Nov

Chris wrote...

This version crashes my Palm - However, if you download RC07 at the download link instead of RC09, it works beautifully, doesn't even slow the phone down, no crashes, nothing. Install RC07 not RC09 and you're in business!

9:52 am
Mon 14 Dec

Herby6262 wrote...

Version RC09 works great on my Samsung Jack, running Windows Mobile 6.5, it's like having quickmenu on the touch versions of windows mobile .. it's a necessity. Awesome job on this, it's a must have for me.

8:56 pm
Wed 6 Jan

cubandanger05 wrote...

im using version rc08 on my samsung code wm6.1, no freezing whatsoever, try it, still trying to figure out how to change skins

10:34 pm
Tue 19 Jan

brandon wrote...

hi there this looks like a realy cool app but everytime i hit download it redirects me to another page,i dont know what to do and i reali want this app for my htc s710 vox pro!!!help

8:10 am
Fri 19 Feb

Terry Watson wrote...

is not user friendly

1:40 pm
Sun 21 Feb

cuexzazax wrote...

thx guys...i'm using RC08 but its crash with win device i cant use it with win device lock active, now i change it to this app key lock n its worrking fine..but i still want to use the win device lock too, i'm usng samsung b7320

9:53 am
Thu 20 May

djujuk wrote...

hi, I use RC8 on my moto Q9h and it looks stable. i found it here :

1:44 am
Sun 18 Jul

Megan wrote...

DO NOT TRY ON YOUR SAMSUNG BLACKJACK 2! We tried on two different blackjacks a couple times, it worked at first but eventually completely crashed the phones every time! Save yourself the frustration if you have a blackjack.

2:42 pm
Tue 24 Aug

Sidik wrote...

the coolest apps on earth for me

11:08 pm
Wed 2 Mar

Mugabi wrote...

i want my startup menu to look like vista pack.

12:31 pm
Sat 25 Jun

rajesh wrote...

we will see first

5:04 am
Tue 8 Nov

ART7 wrote...

Great app, give new life to my moto Q with WM5

11:26 pm
Wed 18 Jan

Fanni wrote...

This could not possibly have been more hepflul!

11:44 pm
Tue 28 Aug

Rafael wrote...

its a pain in the ass to carry, both, an iPod and a cellphone in your pkeoct. Why not just make a 80 or 120GB smartphone? It'd be nice to have your whole music library on your iPhone. I'm sure Apple will put these out, soon. They have to.

9:54 pm



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