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Summary: Snooze is an alarm program that has multiple recurring alarms that play either .wav or .mp3 files. It can also change the phone profile or run an application of your choosing. Snooze is designed fo...

Windows Mobile Smartphone device
.NET CF 2.0

Arrived: 2006-12-18
Found under: utilities, alarm, clock, mp3, wav,

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Smartphone Snooze freeware
Snooze Description

Snooze is an alarm program that has multiple recurring alarms that play either .wav or .mp3 files. It can also change the phone profile or run an application of your choosing.

Snooze is designed for QVGA WM5 smartphones, it should work on any QVGA WM5 device although there is no touch screen support. It may work on WM2003, but its not tested yet.

Know bug is that you must unlock your phone to dismiss or snooze an alarm

Mp3 or wav files must be in the application directory, or \My Documents\ or \My Documents\My Music\. If you have Snooze installed to a storage card, they can also be in either of those two folders on the storage card.

Snooze requires .NET CF 2.0 to be installed on the phone. Snooze uses FMOD 3.75 to play mp3 files, fmodce.dll for WM5 is included in the cab, for other WM versions you'll need to get the correct fmodce.dll from

the Snooze free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Snooze Comments and Reviews

Tue 19 Dec

aoua wrote...

very good

11:55 pm
Tue 9 Jan

Niekie wrote...

I have windows 5.0 and still need .NET CF 2.0 so lets see where i can download it. But i think that when it works its a great programm. Good work!

7:35 am
Thu 11 Jan

mourad wrote...


11:58 pm
Thu 18 Jan

mathewmalayil wrote...

I Could not download the snooze

8:59 am
Thu 18 Jan

Manuel wrote...

I doesn't work in my qteck 8310, when the alarm is active the phone is blocked

10:56 pm
Wed 31 Jan

keith wrote...

On my MotoQ, the alarms dismiss themselves if the keypad is locked. I missed a couple of important meetings before I figured this out :(

12:15 pm
Fri 2 Mar wrote...

I can not download Snooze program. Who has this file ? pls. send to me for help.

10:30 pm
Mon 26 Mar

Brad wrote...

I uninstalled Snooze but it must've left something in the registry because now at the time that I had the alarm set in the program, I get an error message saying that my phone couldn't run Snooze.exe. Anyone know where I can find this registry key and delete it?

9:30 am
Fri 15 Jun

mitch wrote...

great program. the locked keyboard problem requires a battery removal and phone restart. Also, there may be a bug. I was using pocket internet explorer when an alarm was scheduled to come up. it didn't set off alarm, the device froze, requiring the battery removal ritual.

6:49 am
Fri 4 Apr

Dwight Steadford wrote...

its ok

9:41 am
Sun 13 Apr

timmy wrote...

DL not working "You do not have permission to download this file"

2:14 am



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