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» VITO Copy Paste

• Summary: System utility that greatly simplifies managing your Smartphone. CopyPaste does exactly what its name says in any editable field – edit box. Copy or cut the info from an edit box and paste it to anoth...

Windows Mobile 5.0/2003SE/2003/2002 for smartphone

• Arrived: 2007-02-10
• Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, copy, paste,

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Smartphone VITO Copy Paste freeware
» VITO Copy Paste Description

System utility that greatly simplifies managing your Smartphone. CopyPaste does exactly what its name says in any editable field – edit box. Copy or cut the info from an edit box and paste it to another one. You can also select the necessary part of the edit box contents for copying or cutting to another editable field. CopyPaste saves your time and ink.

Main features

Sometimes every Smartphone user has to face the difficulty of transfering text from one edit box (any default editable field) to another on your Smartphone. Say, you need to copy a phone number from e-mail and send an sms to this number. In this case, thou funny it may sound, you still have to use a banal pen to write down the number and use it later for writing an sms. This is a big drawback of Windows Mobile platform for Smartphones. VITO CopyPaste has been developed to solve this problem with edit boxes and make Windows Mobile for Smartphones more functional.

To install VITO CopyPaste you copy the setup file to your Smartphone and run it. A second later you can bring up a context CopyPaste menu in any default edit box by press'n'holding the central joystick button. In this menu there are options to copy or cut all the text in the currently active edit box, or else choose selection mode and select the part of the text you need to copy or cut by pressing left and right joystick buttons. After you have copied or cut the necessary part of text to clipboard, you can paste it into another edit box. VITO CopyPaste is a small utility that really simplifies managing your Smartphone and saves your time.

Copy the file VitoCopyPaste.exe to your Smartphone (e.g. to \Storage\Program Files\VITO\CopyPaste). Attention! Do not copy it to the default star-up folder (\Storage\Windows\StartUp or \Windows\StartUp). To disable VitoCopyPaste run VitoCopyPaste.exe again.

the VITO Copy Paste free for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Download VITO Copy Paste direct on your windows mobile smartphone

Made by: VITO Technology

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» VITO Copy Paste Comments and Reviews

Tue 20 Feb

ASIF wrote...


1:07 am
Mon 26 Feb

jerome wrote...


6:40 am
Thu 5 Apr

dannie wrote...

I can't get this to work on my blackjack. When I press and hold the central joystick button the text disappears or i get zeros being inserted. :(

8:06 am
Sun 29 Apr

Earl wrote...

It works with my t-mobile Dash. The main concern is, when you just test it, you can never get out of cut and paste mode

9:22 pm
Tue 19 Jun

Andy S wrote...

works brilliantly. Why didn't they include this in WM5 in the first place!?

5:33 pm
Thu 21 Jun

andre wrote...

didn΄t work with my samsung i321n (wm5.0). when i keep the joystick pressed, it automatically inserts a copy of the text(can΄t use any other option). I΄d love to use it (hate the fact thar wm doesnt come with this feature)

11:30 am
Fri 6 Jul

fotis wrote...

very nice

5:48 am
Wed 25 Jul

HARRY wrote...

will it work with 6.0

9:52 pm
Sat 13 Oct

longboarder wrote...

This app rendered my phone useless. There seems to be a conflict with other programs. I couldn't even turn the phone off...had to take out the battery. There seems to be no easy way to uninstall either.

2:26 am
Sat 13 Oct

longboarder wrote...

Since this can not be removed via the WM utility, the fastest way to remove this application is to sync to your PC, rename the exe file on the phone to something useless, reboot the phone and then delete the file. I'm sure there's a better way to remove the file via xml, but this method is quick/dirty and works.

2:31 am
Sat 27 Oct

Alexander wrote...

works perfectly on my HTC S710 which is windoze mobile 6.

1:12 pm
Sun 16 Dec

jesuguevarautomotriz wrote...

Works on HTC Excalibur S-621, with WM5, run on all windows mobile, Internet Explorer mobile and Opera's edit boxes, but no run in Firefox minimo.

2:30 pm
Tue 18 Dec

jesuguevarautomotriz wrote...


2:56 pm
Sat 27 Sep

Chr0nic wrote...

N0kia 6680 it d0nt w0rk..

5:12 am
Mon 13 Oct

wesley barbour wrote...

love this site

4:25 pm
Mon 8 Dec

creativescape wrote...

I use a Samsung Ace w/ WM 6.1. This app functions but doesn't work well. Holding the center joystick button rapid-fire repeats the action, making the menu pop up and quickly selecting the first command. This inadvertently pastes your text repeatedly until you let go. I can't use this app cuz of this.

12:22 am
Mon 16 Feb

cheelonk wrote...

it works perfectly with my motorola q8, running WM6

7:45 am
Fri 2 Oct

massimo wrote...

finora ho avuto problemi con samsung i600 e wm5- provo con wm6

4:32 am
Sat 4 Sep

Justin wrote...


4:42 am
Thu 9 Sep

henk wrote...

i can 't get the download link....

12:32 am
Sat 22 Oct

loans wrote...

It is great that we can receive the home loans and that opens new chances.

10:43 pm



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