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Welcome to Windows Mobile smartphone freeware downloads archive. More than 500 free smartphone software titles for Samsung, Motorola, Palm Treo, HP, i-mate or HTC Smartphone.

Free games, ringtones and utilities for Windows Mobile 6 Standard, 5.0 and 2003 phones plus bluetooh, wireless and gps software.

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Smartphone PocketNotepad (Smartphone)
PocketNotepad (Smartphone)
• Summary: Smartphone version of Windows Notepad

• Found under: pocketnotepad, smartphone,

Smartphone Poker Guide Pocket Directory Smartphone Database
Poker Guide Pocket Directory Smartphone Database
• Summary: Everything you ever wanted to know about poker, including its history, game rules, tells, hall of famers, and more.

• Found under: poker, guide, pocket, directory, smartphone, database,

Smartphone Routledge's Manual of Etiquette - Town Compass Smartphone eBook
Routledge's Manual of Etiquette - Town Compass Smartphone eBook
• Summary: Old-style etiquette and manners for special occasions, written by George Routledge in 1875.

• Found under: routledges, manual, etiquette, town, compass, smartphone, ebook,

Smartphone S-Tris SmartPhone
S-Tris SmartPhone
• Summary: Based on the famous concept, this game can keep you entertained for hours!

• Found under: s-tris, smartphone,

Smartphone Sexy Models (SmartPhone)
Sexy Models (SmartPhone)
• Summary: Watch edgy, sexy models in swim suits and classy clothes. Elegant ambience shots and nature - embellish the models.

• Found under: sexy, models, smartphone,

Smartphone Shakespeare Glossary Pocket Directory Smartphone Database
Shakespeare Glossary Pocket Directory Smartphone Database
• Summary: A dictionary of Shakespearean words and phrases; quite a useful reference while reading any work by William Shakespeare.

• Found under: shakespeare, glossary, pocket, directory, smartphone, database,

Smartphone ShopEdge for Amazon (Windows Smartphone)
ShopEdge for Amazon (Windows Smartphone)
• Summary: Check Amazon reviews in before you buy. ShopEdge gives you the power of Amazon. Why pay more?

• Found under: shopedge, amazon, windows, smartphone,

Smartphone SleepWell! v2.0
SleepWell! v2.0
• Summary: Avoid unwanted loud calls at night and extend your battery life! SleepWell! adds a new functionality of automatic turning Off and On the phone module. Possibility to automatically turn Off and...

• Found under: call, alart, sleep, utilities,

Smartphone SmartLOTTO
• Summary: Have you ever dreamed about winning the 6/49 lottery?

• Found under: smartlotto,

Smartphone Smartphone Bet
Smartphone Bet
• Summary: Bet against other people on a range of sporting events.

• Found under: smartphone, bet,

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